An Amazing Idea Put Forward By A Dad To Reuse The Crayons That Are Left Over At A Restaurant

We all have witnessed how a lot of crayons are left over at an eatery when we leave after dinner. A very considerate father named Bryan Ware saw the same thing and decided to do something about these crayons. He started an organization and named it “The Crayon Initiative”. He was reported saying that the idea of starting this organization was struck to him when he saw his kids coloring using crayons when they were having dinner. He thought that what really happens to these crayons after they leave. You don’t take them with you, they are left over.

He wanted to know more about this very small and simple thing so he decided to ask an employee at that restaurant. He was sad when he was told that those crayons are just thrown away when people use them and leave them behind after they are done eating. The surprising thing was that even the ones that are not used are thrown out as well. He decided to give these useless crayons another… “Life” if you may. He started to gather and take all those used crayons to his home and make them useful in some way, again. He was certain that he will find some way for using these crayons for the kids who are needy.

He started his organization, The Crayon Initiative. What this organization do is that they use these used crayons and then transform them into new crayons rather than throwing them away. These new crayons are then given to the children hospitals in the city. Bryan Ware goes around different schools and restaurants and gathers all the used crayons, bring them home, liquefy them and then transforms them into new crayons using different molds. The organization has successfully given around two thousand boxes of crayons to different hospitals.


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