Arnie’s Special Christmas Gift to Concord Community

The patient dog eats the fattest bone, as some would say. This saying rang true in Concord, New Hampshire, where Arnie’s Place decided to give out Christmas trees on the last weekend preceding Christmas. The outlet had truck load of Christmas trees and garlands in stock and they decide to offer the remaining for free to those who could not afford to buy any Christmas tree for their homes.  Aside Christmas trees, the outlet equally sells ice cream, barbecue and burgers; they just added the Christmas trees and garlands specifically for the December period in preparation for Christmas and end of the year sales.

The owner of the outlet is Tom Arnold. He said he had Christmas trees and garlands up to hundred left in his shop as business rounded off on the last weekend just before Christmas. He had the impression he may not be able to sell these off before the Christmas holidays come on. He is a local and understood there would be a number of houses that would not be able to afford to buy Christmas trees for their homes. Consequently, he made up his mind to give off the remaining Christmas trees to these individuals for free.

On a normal day, he sold the Christmas trees at an average price of $45. He decided to place a sign at the main entrance: “Free Trees Until Daylight”. He went as far as announcing this free giveaway on his Facebook page, where he wrote: “We’re serious. Help yourself and bring rope/twine if you’ll need it! MERRY CHRISTMAS CONCORD!”


He stayed around for a while and watched as Concord residents came around to pick free trees from his store. He left for the night after a while. But by the time he returned for business the next morning, all the Christmas trees were gone, picked up by the residents who could not afford to buy Christmas trees. He was rewarded by multitude of thank you messages on his Facebook page.




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