College Students to Install Solar Panels for Low-Income Families During Spring Break

While many dream of painting the town red during the spring break, a group of students has decided to spend their spring break to help others in need. Instead of spending their spring brakes to meet personal needs, they will be spending it to install solar panels for low-income earners across the United States. The solar installation is free of charge, and the purpose is to help these low-income earners to reduce their energy consumption by up to 80%.

The program is titled Solar Spring Break, and the program is organized by Grid Alternatives. They have gone to 15 different schools in the United States and have recruited up to 200 students, who decided to volunteer and be part of the team that brings succor to those who need it.  The intention of the organizers is to install up to 200 solar panels every year to enable these low-income earners to save money on electricity consumption.  There is no specific number of years yet, but it looks good to continue for many years to come.

The students will also gain one or two benefits through this volunteer work; they will be given mentorship by the organizers, they will have easy access to the openings, and they will be given career recommendations to make it easy to get jobs. Above all, the students will have the satisfaction of providing help to those low-income families, who can now save money they would have spent on electricity for something else.

This is not the first year of the program organized by Grid Alternatives; they also had the same program last year, 2016 and several students participated in it. One of the participants, Jasmine Tan, said the program opened her eyes and heart to the needs of others and professional experience.  She is an undergraduate at Duke University. In her words: “I felt so much more connected, not only to the solar and sustainability but also to a whole new community and network.”





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