Dentist Provides Community With Free Dental Care

Health care system in America is not as impressive as one would want it to be. More than 15% of Americans were completely uninsured before the advent of Obamacare, which was the Affordable Care Act. Thanks to the Act, only 10% of Americans are now uninsured. One can call this a remarkable improvement. However, one cannot say this is exactly what Americans wish to achieve.


Well, some may say the Obamacare had done something exceptional and unequaled, others think things should be better than this. For example, many countries around the world provide free medical care to their citizens by 100%.

The same woe befalls dental care, and this uncomfortable situation prompted Dr. Edwin Smith to organize free dental care to Kentucky residents in particular and other people in Appalachia in general. Many of the Americans in the Appalachian region are having various dental problems due to inadequate dental care. It is not their fault actually; it is mostly due to lack of facilities and professionals to meet their needs. For example, there are about three dentists among the 24,000 people living in a West Virginias region. This means about 8,000 individuals will have to depend on one dentist. This means each of the dentists can only meet the needs of about 21 people per day even if they work for 365 days in a year.

Smith grew up in this region. So, he knew what they need and what to do about it.


Smith had to contend with the challenge of accessibility since most of the people residing in these areas do not have means of transport to access dental care. Many of them cannot even afford to pay for the treatment. According to Smith while speaking with CNN in an interview, “Many people can’t afford to get the treatment done, and many of these families don’t have the transportation that they need to access it.”


Smith was more concerned about the children. He believed the parents need to be educated on the right way and the right baby formula to feed their kids with to curtail dental problems in these children.




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