Here Is Why You Shouldn’t Trust Any Woman’s Pics On The Internet

You should alreay know by now that pictures of people on social media aren’t usually depicting the ‘everyday truth’ meaning, people are either heavily photoshopping or getting a heavy makeover or even both to create perfect profile pictures. These, in most cases, don’t depict the everyday look of these persons. However, it is our mission to inform you about that, and it is completely up to you, what to do with that information. Just continue reading and look at the pictures, and judge yourself.

Charming makeup artist Goar Avetisyan is a true makeup expert. She likes to experiment with her own image and adores making her clients happy. Some girls only want to highlight their natural beauty and some are completely disappointed with their appearance, and Goar helps them learn to love themselves. Her Instagram is full of ecstatic reviews and comments.

Here are her masterpieces:

Here are the women who were lucky to work with Goar:

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