House Built From Recycled Waste Erected in Japanese Town

A house has just been built in a small town in Japan called Kamikatzu. The house is special in all sense in that it was built entirely using recycled waste. The house is already making a statement across the globe because it has zero emission.

Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP were the architects that designed the home. They have also won for themselves the WAN Sustainable Buildings award for 2016 for this very cool building. They were given the award primarily because the building was completed using only reclaimed materials. This falls directly in line with the vision of the town to carry out recycling of 100% of its wastes in few years to come. To date, they can recycle up to 80% of the waste they generate.



Lots of things are featured in this building; for one, it has sizeable living spaces, brewery, and even a bar. All the rooms in the house feature ingenious displays of reuse from reclaimed bottle chandelier to floor tiles. The design is impressive to say the fact. Also, it showcased recycling as an entirely new creative outlet and not just a chore. The sight of the building makes recycling looks like a fascinating idea.



Between this newly erected building made from recycled waste and the newest eco-documentary titled “Before The Flood” aired by Leonard DiCaprio, it is hard to determine which is actually of more importance and has more impact on the world. The two events came around about the same time.



While it may be difficult to determine the more impactful one between them, it is clear that the two are passing across the same message, which is a message against emission. This is a clear indication that the world has made a U-turn from an uncaring world to a very careful and protective one.




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