Huge Makeover for Iconic Doll Barbie

Over 50 years now since the first doll was made by Mattel Barbie and no changes made on its figure until today. The introduction of the new doll is progressing into three different sizes which are tall, curvy and petite.

These changes come as a way to win the heart of the public to fall in love with dolls once more. In the current society multiplicity is much important and the toy producers are afraid that the blue-eyed tall and slender doll will not be in the market for the current generation for a very long time.


These toys come in different facial styles, hairstyles, and skin colors all which were from Barbie’s line. It also features a boy-doll in one of its commercials. The move made so many people in the society happy since it considered the stereotypes clearly indicating that boys can play with dolls too. These are the most changes ever done by Mattel to Barbie since its introduction in 1959 and loved by many.


Throughout the year, Barbie’s sales have turned in profits. Though it fell 15% to approximately $904.2million and prior it had a drop of 20% within two years. According to Wall Street Journal, Mattel’s total sales dropped to 6.2% within that same period.

She again reported that people will talk of how far they have moved but assure them that Barbie will bring about more conversation and still there will be a reaction. With the new designs, the company hopes that they will further Barbie’s success in the beginning of this span.

Richard Dickson reporting on time magazine gave them the assurance that they will ensure that Barbie’s lovers keep loving them more and more over the years, for the haters will always hate but again they would turn the adverse to neutral.




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