A Janitor’s Guide To Prank People When It Snows!

This is a story about a funny prank video that was posted on YouTube. It is a short video that shows how janitor in an area tried to annoy the local people when it began to snow there.

There had been a huge snow storm the day before the prank. The janitor of that place decided to pull a prank on the people. The area was completely filled with snow. There was no place to even walk. It was just the perfect thing for this janitor. What he did was that he started to get rid of the snow to make a walking path for the people. He started to make a path by using a shovel. The funny thing about this was that he made different zigzag and maze-like patterns for the people to walk on. The path was in a zigzag pattern and was wide enough for only one person to walk through it.

The people began to get out of their houses and walk. They started to walk on the path that was created by the janitor as all the other area was filled with snow. They were forced to walk on the zigzag path. The reaction of the people is funny as they get annoyed when they realize that they are walking randomly and not just straight midway through the path.

If another person comes in front, one has to go all the way back. The people are forced to take the silly path made by the janitor. People are all walking normally on the path, but then they realize they look stupid walking in a zigzag manner. The janitor hides and laughs at the people as he sees them walk stupidly on those ridiculous paths he made.



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