Las Vegas Installs Footprint-Powered Streetlights

A new method of generating electricity has been taken down to the city of Las Vegas. Now, you can see the lights come up in response to footsteps. Take a stroll through Boulder Plaza in Las Vegas, and you will have a clearer idea of what is going on. The dominance of renewable energy source is gradually taking hold.


How did this happen? The city of Las Vegas teamed up with EnGo Planet, a New-York based company, to install solar and kinetic powered street lights in the Arts District of the city. Many more cities across the country are now resorting to renewable energy, and Las Vegas does not want to be left out. The use of renewable energy source helps to reduce net emission.



There are about 300 million streetlights across cities in the United States, and these are generating up to 100 million tons of carbon pollution annually. EnGo Planet is already using their renewable energy technology to combat this carbon emission.


The streetlight is made using a very simple technique. The company installed kinetic pad under each of the streetlights. Each time anybody steps on the kinetic pad, the pad absorbs the kinetic energy and passes it to a generator where it is stored. A footstep can generate up to 8 watts, and when this is combined with solar energy that is gathered during the day, the total energy will be robust enough to power a LED streetlight.



The light is however amped up by the special feature EnGo has added to the whole design.  Mobile charging station and a Wi-Fi hotspot are installed at each of the streetlights, as well as USB ports. They equally install smart sensors that can be used to monitor humidity, air quality, and temperature.  You can check these data via the internet using a specially built online software. You can also check the battery status and regulate the brightness of the light.


While other cities are looking to reduce carbon emission, Las Vegas is going a step further. Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman said that “we want to provide the highest service levels while also looking to the future and ensuring that we are sustainable.”




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