Meet Koko the Gorilla Who Uses Sign Language Brilliantly

Animals also experience some of the feelings that humans do. At times it is impossible for us to understand this, because perhaps they do not show their feelings in the same way that we do. That being said however, the animals also go through a lot of the trauma that we go through, and suffer the same emotional breakdown that most people go through with respect to loss and separation.


Koko is a gorilla, a special gorilla. Koko is not the average gorilla that you come across in the zoo or the ones you see in the wild on National Geographic. She understands what she sees, and can actually relate to people in a manner that most people often do.

Perhaps one of the highlights of Koko’s life is her experience meeting Robin Williams. This genius gorilla did fall in love with the actor who has since died, and formed quite the strong bond. According to credible reports, so strong was the bond that these two shared that when she learned that the actor had died, Koko was actually breaking down into tears.

If this is not proof enough that these animals experience the same emotional trauma that we go through in life, then I do not know what else will make the world take a different perspective on treating them better.

It gets even interesting, Koko was watching a sad movie, and in the process, expressed herself through sign language just like most humans do. The fact that Koko was actually paying attention to the movie is something mind boggling. It gets even better, at the sad parts of the movie, she actually turned away from the screen so as not to see that experience. This is a level of consciousness that should have us think twice about how we relate to animals out there.




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