Meet The “Great Wall of Australia” and Its Protective Stance

The “Great Wall of Australia” is designed to protect cattle workers in the mustering seasons and it is built in the Western Australia region. The wall is a 230m affair. It looks rather simple and almost of no value in appearance, but its function is something worthy of note.  It is built using 100% natural material. The earthen structure stands strong and imposing and it has proved itself to be the best mustering season protector for these cattle workers. Luigi Rosselli is responsible for building the structure now termed “Great Wall of Australia”. The eco-conscious state of the design is making it very popular the world over.


The construction is made using sandy clay. The said clay is rich in iron and it therefore adds great strength to the construction. The clay was excavated from one of the nearby building sites. The gravel used in constructing the wall was obtained from a river close by. A bore hole not too far off from the wall supplies the water used for the building. The building is ancient in all sense of the word and this is one of the factors that make it this popular. The construction is built into a sand dune and this forms the roof and rear parts of the wall.

The wall is built using very simple technique. It is able to remain cool irrespective of however heated the outback is. The building is made up of 12 apartments. The apartments are earth-covered and they are separated by verandas, which are angled in their design. The angled design provides some level of privacy. An interior space is created by Sarah Foletta, who is a designer. The style of the interior space makes it livable, though minimalized. The residents in the building can meet and socialise with one another using the central hub built at the top.













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