Pakistani Muslim Feeds the Hungry For Free At His Restaurant

Kindheartedness is not about your religion; it is about your individuality. This is why the world will get much better if the inhabitants can start judging one another in line with deeds of the individual, rather than the religious inclination of the individual. The people you might have been associating with violence may turn out to be your savior tomorrow.

The story of Razi Menna the Pakistani Muslim may interest you. He is in the habit of preparing foods in his restaurant and giving the foods way to the homeless and the hungry. His restaurant is located in Washington DC close to Franklin Square, which is not too far from the White House, seat of the American President, to the west, and Mayor Kaba House to the east.

Also, many homeless individuals live at this square. They have turned the square to their home due to inability to rent a home and procure decent furnishing.

The man took it upon himself to cook good foods for the homeless and destitute. After cooking the meal, he would invite them to just come in and eat. The beauty of it is that he gives them the food free of charges; the people are not charged anything. In fact, he allows them to choose their food from the menu available.

When asked if he is not afraid of going bankruptcy if he continues to give his food to the hungry free or charges this way. His response was that he is doing the will of God and he believes God will never allow him to run out of stock.

This Indian-Pakistan restaurant do play host to so many people each times. At times, up to 15 people may show up at the door of the restaurant for food. The owner even declared there were days he and his staff would pray to God to send in more people.



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