Seattle Homeless Get Cute Tiny Homes With Electricity

Volunteers from a Lutheran church located in Seattle, Washington have taken it upon themselves to put up a little village together for the homeless. This little village is made up of rather tiny houses and the village is already taking shape. The plot of land where the buildings are being erected is a property of the church. The houses are specially designed to make them adequately comfortable for the intended occupants. Each of the 14 houses erected on the land has both oil heat and electricity. They are also insulated. As if that is not enough, a central building is included among the others and this central building contains a number of rooms, including restrooms. It also contains running water and there are plans under way to get shower installed in it.

Name of the church is the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. They decided to convert this land to a village for the homeless. This is undoubtedly the first kind of piece of land to be dedicated to such purpose by the Lutheran church. Each of the houses cost up to $2,200 to put up. The occupants are expected to pay up to $90 each month to settle the bills for utilities. The intention of these houses is to make them as models for many more to come. The purpose is to make this village of tiny houses something akin to “Nicklesville”. This is yet another organized home for the homeless.

This building is however not made to be permanent abode for the occupants. Rather, it is intended to be a temporary abode and the occupants are to be accommodated here pending the time new and more permanent houses can be put up for the occupants. The occupants of these tiny buildings will have locked door and electricity and this will make life more livable for the occupants. The first set of residents in the village will start occupying the house within the week.




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