How Skateboarders Are Cleaning up the Oceans in a Spectacular Way

What happens when you have skateboarders who are also environmental enthusiasts? Well, in the long run they end up doing something spectacular about the environment where they come to have so much fun. Such is the experience that so many people have currently come to appreciate, with Bureo boards. This is actually an eco-conscious skateboard that you certainly would not want to miss out on.


These boards are actually designed out of fishing nets that have been recycled, and in as far as the skateboarding community is concerned, it is quite the popular phenomenon at the moment. This product was first thought of back in 2012, back when the co-founder of Bureo, Ben Knepper was in Chile, working as an environmental consultant. He has always been an outdoor person, and a lifetime skater.


While in Chile, he had the chance to see firsthand the impact that discarded fishing nets were having on the coastline, and because of this reason he decided there was need for him to make a change in one way or the other. Together with two other engineers; Kevin Ahearn and David Stover, he was able to come up with a prototype board that would help out. Apart from that they also worked on a supply chain that would make it easier for sustainable and responsible sourcing each and every step along the way.




As part of their recycling initiative, they usually provide fishermen with disposal points where they dump the old fishing nets. From there, they collect these nets, melt them, mold them into skateboards and then these are sold online and in a number of select stores all over the world. This concept provides them with a really efficient way of production while at the same time making it easier for fishermen to dispose nets that would otherwise have been dumped into the sea.




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