Solar Road to be Constructed on Route 66 Highway Missouri

Can you ever believe that solar panels could be used in making roads? Well, your doubting mind will not have long to go as you can visit Route 66 highway in Missouri to douse your doubt.  It sounds more like the weirdest thing man can ever conceive, but it is already being planned and route 66 is the place to view things out.


This plan had been in place for quite a while now, but it is presently gaining more popularity and traction in the United States. The idea of building roads with solar panel instead of the usual asphalt is the brain child of Scott and Julie Brusaw.  The two of them have been wracking their brains on how to build energy-generating roads and that idea has finally been born. With the first form of such road to be built on Route 66, it is a question of time before the idea becomes a worldwide phenomenon.  Not to worry; the solar panels will be very strong and will be able to bear the weight of automobiles of various sizes.


The Road to Tomorrow Initiative in Missouri will see the solar roadway installed on Route 66.  This will provide for a source of renewable energy and will also kick start the construction of smart roads.  According to Tom Blair, an engineer with The Missouri Department of Transportation, this special innovation is set to get the town prepared for innovations in the 21st century. In his words:  “It gets Missouri and MoDOT prepared for 21st century innovations. We expect them to be in place, I’m hoping, by the end of this year, maybe before snow flies….”

Solar roadways have their office located in Idaho. The solar panel will be covered with tampered glass.  It will also be constructed using modular solar panels. This will be the very first energy-generating road in the world.  Microprocessors communicating with other panels will be installed in the solar panel.  The microprocessor equally has the capability to communicate with the cars and a control center located remotely.




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