Somali Teen Earns a Free Education After Wowing By Making Electronic Toys Out Of Trash

A Somali teenager has just earned himself free education via his invention from trash. On a normal day Guled Adan Abdi would never have been able to sponsor his education considering the fact that he and his parents are living in abject poverty. But the 13-year-old boy decided to make electric toys and this was the key that unlocked his unending educational possibilities.

The boy had been involved in building toy airplanes and cars using plastic picked up from the neighbourhoods trash dumps. He made use of cooking oil containers from the same trash dump to make the parts of his electric toys. He would make use of bottles to fashion out wings, fenders and doors for his toys. His products were not exactly smooth and perfect, but they were inspirational and quite a sight to behold. He was not actually thinking electrical or making his toys move on their own until he came across old and discarded electric motors. It was at the point of discovering the electric motors that he started thinking big. Rarely did he know that this discovery would automatically change his story.


Guled Adan Abdi said he would just build the toys and play with them without any motor. He said this discovery of the motor was the turning point in his ideas. He told The BBC that: “I used to play with them without any motor, But later I said to myself: ‘Why don’t you make them into a moving machine?”


What he did next was to take time to study the real cars and find out how they move. He then used the same idea to motorise his car and airplane toys. He however had to spend some money at a time to run his toys and that was when he had to buy batteries costing 25 cents for two. Aside making electric car and aeroplanes, he was also able to make an electric fan that cools the air in the day and provide electricity at night. This invention is presently being used in his family home.




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