Tesla Unveils SolarCity for Complete Home Energy

If you have been watching Desperate Housewives on Universal Studio, you would have seen the new solar roof and Powerwall 2 unveiled by Tesla. It was unveiled by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. The whole idea looks both dramatic and impressive, to say the least. During the unveiling as the sun set over the buildings, Tesla CEO directed the attention of the crowd to the four buildings already preinstalled with solar roofs made available in four different styles. This is called SolarCity an idea jointly branded by Tesla.


When they are viewed directly, the tiles look transparent. They, however, changed their appearance based on the angle from which they are viewed. Musk explained to the crowd: “The key is to make solar look good. We want you to call the neighbors over and say, ‘Check out this sweet roof.'”


The solar roof is finished using several types of glass, like Smooth Glass, Tuscan Glass, Slate Glass and Textured Glass. The appeal being introduced into the making of the solar roof by Tesla is lacking in what most other companies produce. The tiles on the roof are also made using quartz, and it gives promise of more durability. Musk called the quartz “quasi-infinite.”  The traditional type of solar panel is not as efficient as the Tesla’s brainchild, which performs with 80% efficiency.



The solar roof works together with Powerwall 2, which was debuted during the same event. However, Tesla makes use of an updated version of Powerwall energy storage system that can boast of double the capacity of the conventional type. The Powerwall can provide energy needs of four bedroom house for a minimum of one day.


The Powerwall 2 also can charge electric cars made by Tesla. This way, the homeowner can store energy harvest seamless from the solar roof and then use the same for powering an electric car. Powerwall 2 is expected to sell for $5,000. It will also be available for sale only on Tesla website.




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