Would You Choose The Most Polluted Place in The World As Your Next FREE Trip? This Couple Did!

Imagine flying across the world for one reason or the other, and racking up points in frequent flyer miles. So many people have already done this in the past, and the benefits are so many. One of these benefits is to get a free trip to whichever part of the world that you would love to go to. Of course a lot of people would have chosen to take a trip to some of those exotic parts of the world, the exotic islands and so forth, but not this couple.

In fact, they chose perhaps a place that so many would never even think of, or even remember the name. They chose to travel to Agbogbloshie in West Africa. This is a place that so many would not even remember, especially since it has a reputation for being one of the most polluted places in the entire world.

But the pollution here is not entirely of the making of the people who live here, it is something that they find themselves in. Agbogbloshie is in fact the largest e-waste dump site the entire world has ever come to see.

When you get there, that’s when the magnitude of the size of the waste hits you. Forget about all the stuff you have read about it so far, when you see it for yourself, that’s when you do know what it means to be the largest dump site in the world.

Amidst all the challenges that the people would perhaps go through, they do not wallow in this. In fact they have managed to make do with it, and do lots of good things. They take apart the items and make use of the relevant parts. Some of them even repair the computers, make cooking elements out of the items and so forth, so eventually, they make use the junk and turn it into something useful.




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