​Snoop Dogg Trolls President Trump By Smoking Joint Outside White House

Snoop Dogg has pulled a lot of stunts in his time, but his latest might just be his bravest – having made a dig at President Trump by blazing up outside of the White House.

This week the rapper decided to troll Trump right on his own turf, chronicling the whole thing on Instagram with a series of videos.

In one, he says: “There go the White House right there, huh? All them motherfuckers are Secret Service, huh? Wish I could get out and take a picture right now, but you can’t park, huh.”

Snoop then tells his driver: “Fuck it, let me out, n***a. Let me get a picture. Snoop Dogg. Fuck the President.”

Out he pops, before sitting on a bench and speaking to fans, chatting away about ‘blowing like a rolling stone’.

Walking away, he simply repeats: “Fuck the President.”

Snoop Dogg’s video for ‘Lavender’ featured a Donald Trump lookalike getting shot. Credit: Doggystyle/Empire

A ballsy move, given that while recreational marijuana is legal in Washington DC, consuming it in public sure ain’t.

Snoop’s not arsed, though, is he? After all, it’s hardly the first time he’s taken the mick out of President Trump on such a grand scale.

In March last year, he released a music video for his remix of BadBadNotGood’s song, ‘Lavender’, which featured a Trump lookalike wearing clown. In the video, Snoop aimed a gun at the US president, pulling the trigger to reveal a red flag with ‘BANG’ written on it. Yep, just about as bold a statement as you can make.

Naturally, Trump wasn’t best pleased with the message, and tried to have a stab at trolling Snoop back by saying he had a ‘failing career’.

He tweeted: “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired a gun at President Obama? Jail time!”

Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, also told TMZ the scene was ‘totally disgraceful’.

“Snoop owes the president an apology,” he said.

“There’s absolutely nothing funny about an assassination attempt on a president, and I’m really shocked at him because I thought he was better than that.”

While Snoop’s latest stunt was a little less aggressive, fans found the message to be equally as powerful – with many commenting on social media to tell the rapper he’s ‘fucking awesome’.

Another said: “The man, the boss, the legend, the king, Snoop Dogg.”

A third commented: “Snoop you crazy but I love you homie.”

Some others tried to warn him against speaking out against the President or called him out for setting a bad example to kids – but you know what? Something tells us Snoop might just not give a shit.

Featured Image Credit: Snoop Dogg/Instagram

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