A Tale of Strange Friendships Without Barriers

The animal kingdom is one unlike any other. Animals and members of this kingdom usually make the weirdest alliances known to man, such that some of them might actually surprise you. Case in point a young boy who has developed an interesting friendship with a stingray, an animal whose bite is poisonous, but has never harmed him in any way.

Typically there are so many different types of these animals available, and they come in different shapes and sizes. In most cases, they are not the aggressors, but if they feel like there is a threat around them, they will naturally go defensive, and protect themselves through a poisonous stinger.


The boy’s best site for recreational purposes is the sea shore where he could easily get his best friend. Once he arrived at the site he could use his tactics just to get the stingray. These involve making funny noises or even throwing some food that the stingray love most and even could splash water. Through all these the stingray could come around having sensed that the friend is around.

Once the animal comes to the shore he feeds it and even goes as far as playing with it which makes the duo have a kind of bonding. The boy spends quite a number of hours feeding and playing with his pet, even could finish up all the food for the pet friend and still ask for more from the fishermen or even those who were passing by.

It came a time when all his friends and family members were moved by curiosity and wanted to know what the boy used to do at the sea shore but they could not believe their eyes when they saw the child playing with a very odd friend. But as the saying goes if you can’t beat us then join us. They were all forced to lend a helping hand, and together they have been able to make sure that their new found friendship lasts longer.




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