Artist Makes Hospital More Fun by Providing Free Tattoos to Kids

There are different ways through which each and every person can help the life of another. In most cases, it is the things that we do for others or the things we give them, without expecting something in return, that make all the difference. More often, it is those things that we do not really think people will take seriously that they eventually do.


Benjamin Lloyd is an artist in New Zealand, one of those who have been in the industry for a while. He wanted to do something good for the less fortunate, and he found a really good way to do so, in a manner that he understands best, through art.

The artist went on his Facebook page, and declared that if he would be able to get 50 likes, he would proceed and provide free temporary tattoos to the kids at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital. This was in a bid to use his talent to give back to the society. As luck would have it, he did not get 50 likes. Instead, he received more than 400,000 likes, and these still keep rising over time.

When this happened, he honored the pledge that he had made. He has been an airbrushing artist for nearly a decade, and just started working on tattoos recently. Since then, he had been providing these services only for adults, and in most cases for fun. However, the moment he made the suggestion to do the same for kids, everyone online was excited about the prospect.

Lloyd has already displayed some incredible art work that he has done for some kids in the past, and if those are anything to go by, the whole venture is awesome, helping the kids get their confidence back through a custom tattoo.











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