Christmas Light Decoration Attracted a Wife

The holidays also come with dating opportunities for bachelors, especially if they had been busy in the course of the year and couldn’t spare time for meeting women. The holiday and celebration in the air equally add to this desire to meet up and hook up with women. However, this was not the case with Chad Koosman. He was so busy hanging and arranging Christmas light, while other males were busy hooking up with women. He worked feverishly for long hours to provide power for 450,000 annual light display, which involves running up to 50 miles of wire cord. Unknown to him, this would be his lucky day.

People who saw the Christmas light display were attracted from far and near. It was such a huge attraction. Just the same way the biblical shepherds got attracted to light leading to Bethlehem (you still remember?), this was how people around were attracted to the light being hung by Chad Koosman. One of those attracted by the light was Angie. She fell for the light at an instance and the person guilty of hanging the light also fell for her in the same instance. The attraction was immediate and the two knew from that moment on that it will be long lasting. Chad Koosman knew, from the moment Angie walked in, that he had found a wife!


Chad Koosman, being a man not in the mood for passing on an opportunity when one comes beckoning, decided to propose marriage to this angelic soul called Angie and the later wasn’t one to deny the truth when it comes staring her in the eyes; she accepted his proposal and that was how they hit it off. From that magical moment till now, it had been the “happy ever after” story all over again for the love birds.




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