Christmas Saved And Made ‘The Cat Deserves A Medal’

This little yet big video is about the supreme yet little gesture of sharing. Produced by Sansbury’s, the largest line of supermarket in the UK, the video conveys a message of caring and sharing and has a touch of wit and humor.

It begins with the scene of Mr. Thomson’s family asleep a night before Christmas and dreaming of the gifts they expect Santa would bring, although their cat named Mog, the main character of the short video, was having a nightmare where eagles or vultures chased him as flew away with his own wings. The unpleasantness of the dream made him move absurdly, due to which the decorative Christmas lights tangled with his tail and made a cricket ball fall to the stove’s switches, turning them on to high temperatures and the turkey in the oven began to cook in the middle of the night. The scene designed for the morning is remarkably amusing to watch as the cat smells smoke of the burning turkey and tries to see where it coming from. While trying, Mog leads a domino of destruction making one thing fall after another, leaving the whole house in a state of complete disaster.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomson had called the firefighters just when Mog came out running, saving himself from the storm of falling and burning in the house. While Mog knew only who had done everything, the family talked about giving the cat a medal for ‘saving the day’.

Just when the family takes a look at the burnt house and loses hope for any Christmas celebrations, the neighbors come over to help, bringing food and Christmas Tree etc, doubling the happiness of the Thomson family and not leaving them on their own. While everybody enjoys a feast together, Mog also gets his share of egg.




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