Joana and Tyrel Marry 14 Years After She Received His Shoebox Gift

Some stories are so good you cannot help but believe fairy tales are actually true. Such is the case of a Filipino girl and a boy she came to know by chance. The year was 2000 and it was Christmas. This is the story of Joana and Tyrel. It all started with a shoebox, and the two of them are now getting married. So how did this happen?


Tyrel was only 7 years old when he packed the box in Idaho, some 7,000 miles away. Joana on the other hand, never knew 14 years after this gift arrived, she would marry the boy who made and sent it to her. Such are the incredible twists of this life. You never know what will happen to you.


In a bid to keep up the flame that brought them together, the two lovebirds decided to drop off their own shoebox gifts at the Samaritan’s Purse HQ in North Carolina. This is where Operation Christmas Child runs, and it is also where they managed to tell their incredible story, of how a gift turned into blossoming love, 14 years down the line.


When she received the gift box while attending vacation Bible school in Quezon, Manila, in it was included a small photo of a young Tyrel, in a cowboy shirt and a lariat. He had also been kind enough to include his name and address.


Joana was so happy, she wrote back to tell Tyrel how happy she was, and the impact that this letter had on her life, but the letter never got to him.

Years later, with the burning desire to say her thank you, she searched for Tyrel Wolfe on Facebook and eventually the two became friends, started exchanging letters, pictures and other niceties, and all that they had in common brought them together in the long run.




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