Justin Bieber’s Car Broke Down in the Hood and the Locals Forced Him To Do Things For Them

Pictures and videos of Justin Bieber went viral as he was seen shooting hoops, doing push ups, and singing for fans after his car broke down!

Clips of Bieber are circulating the internet after fans posted videos of the singer dropping for push ups, singing an excerpt from his song “Hold on Tight” and even playing basketball with locals. His car apparently broke down Saturday and he decided to take to the streets while his issue was resolved.

Check out the tweet below:

The video opens with a voice saying,

“Justin Bieber in the hood.”

Seconds after, a woman seems self conscious saying,

“I’m not even dressed.”

The next clips are of Bieber standing up singing as one person recording can be heard saying,

“White boy, sing that sh*t.”

Bieber appears bashful after he ends his last vocal run as he turns away and the crowd cheers. The next clip begins with him doing push ups while bystanders are heard counting each one.

The vocalist even shoot some hoopes shirtless and is cheered on as someone says,

“Okay Justin, do your thing then.”

It seems that everyone was excited to see the newlywed Saturday and Justin did not disappoint the Los Angeles neighborhood.

Just last week, Bieber made headlines after photos surfaced of what appeared to be the singer eating a burrito sideways. It was later reported to be a prank done by a YouTube group Yes Theory. They hired a Bieber lookalike for the stunt.

Watch the video below for more:

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