Santa Grants Kids Their Wish; Dad Comes Home from Afghanistan Tour

The festive season is here and if anything, kids more than anyone else have something that they really do want to wake up to on Christmas day. It is like a dream come true for them or anyone else to get that one thing that they have always wanted to have all through the year. We see it every other year, kids getting their hopes up and some of them getting disappointed. Well, disappointment can be terrible on a small child, but it is a part of life, and they have to grow up to learn how to deal with it.

In as much as some get disappointed, there are others whose experiences actually are better, stuff of fairy tales to be precise. There are those whose Christmas wishes often tend to come true, and in most cases, this is something that a lot of people wish they were able to enjoy, not just the kids. If you have been waiting and hoping to get something for so long, it is always awesome if you happen to get it.


One Christmas turned out to be just that, for young Jordan Baskerville and her small sister. The two Tennessee kids went out to a Clarksville shopping mall like most other kids normally do during the festive season, to get a glimpse of Santa, and perhaps get him to grant them one or two wishes. As luck would have it, Santa had just the perfect wish for them. Of all the things that the girls would have ever wished for, they only needed to see their dad back from his 9 month tour of Afghanistan.

What ensued was a carefully planned out trick between their dad and Santa, for they got just what they had hoped to find, their father, back from his tour of Afghanistan.




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