Security Cameras Record Acts Of Kindness And Love

There is a bright side and a dark side to every picture, as they say. There actually is; every clown has sad nights and every beggar has happy moments. Just like that, people who walk on the streets are equally good as the bad ones. If there are thieves, then there are people helping random strangers. If there are pickpockets, then there are people picking up the pockets and returning them. Different footages from security cameras placed at different locations were put together to find people stealing, not money but kisses; dealing, not drugs but chips; going crazy, not by breaking the signal but on the tune of music.

Attacks were recorded, not of violence but of friendship and of love. People kissing, friends hugging and man returning the woman her phone that fell on ground. A man helping nurses in pulling in the stretcher, a group of people pushing a car forward, a pedestrian extinguishing the just-took-place fire and rebels with a cause of removing racism, all of this was founded on the tapes of security cameras.

Peaceful warriors were seen fighting with their spray cans as swords on the walls of the city. Random sweepers dancing while sweeping the floor were captured along with brave heroes pushing a stopped car so that it does not get hit by a fast approaching bus. A man pushing down the robber, friends sharing a cold drink, old man picking up a young man who fell, etc were the scenes that made people think about redefining the use of security cameras. Acts of love, kindness, bravery, hope and friendship were recorded instead of violence and crime. While there is bad, there is good too and probably more than bad. While a man pushes the other, there is another standing to pick him up. There is love everywhere; it is time we look for it.




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