This Is A Story Of A Man Trying To Explain “Life” To His Baby

This is a story about a guy who tried to actually explain everything about life to a very… very young baby who seems to be just a few months old and the reaction of the baby is funny as well shocking. There are actually a lot of questions that need explanations. Questions that even the adults don’t really know the answer to. These are those big questions that cannot be just answered in a simple way. Like for instance, what really is life? What are we all doing on this planet? Is there going to be food for everyone? And etc…

In these infinite number of big and unanswerable questions there are some about little babies. These questions seem simple but when one begins to think about them they become more complex.

One man named Jason Silva, some of you might know this guy from National Geographic channel’s TV programs, tried to explain some of these big complex questions to a BABY. Silva believes that the very being of that baby is nothing but an awesome miracle as well.

He holds the baby up right in front of his face and starts to talk with him. The baby’s reactions are funny and amazing as he seems pretty interested and surprised as well. He explains how he was… made? Yes he actually explained that by saying that he was a piece of meat that grew up inside his mother. The baby’s eyes get bigger and he starts to get more interested.

The guy is just yelling all the explanations and the baby’s reaction is cute as he looks at the guy all shocked. He tells the baby that looking at his eyes is the same as looking at a galaxy.

The moral of this all… Life is complex with these all big questions but the bottom line is that life is beautiful and we should live it to the fullest.





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