Young Evan Catches Santa on Camera

Imagine getting Santa Claus off guard, or better yet, on camera. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Seeing him slide down the chimney, drop off some presents for you, and perhaps do a happy dance for making the life of a young child awesome. Well, a 7 year old, Evan had always wondered what Santa did when he came to the house before Christmas. It has always been his wish to catch a glimpse of the big fat man in red attire, flowing beard and a bagful of presents.

However, there was only one big problem with this desire, Santa makes his visits in the dead of the night, when all the kids are pretty much asleep. This was a problem at least until he and his brother found a way out. They were going to set up his older brother’s camera, just in time to catch Santa coming in.

With a good high resolution camera, they set up and as luck would have it, they caught Santa dead in the act. He waltzed in, got comfortable in the room, then snapped his fingers and boom, the presents were there. Oh, what a joy to behold for young Evan.

Well, it is such innocence in kids that makes them so adorable. Of course this was a video with some carefully worked effects, but that notwithstanding, Evan’s day was made. In fact, his festive season as it is, was made. We are pretty sure he will remember this day for a very long time, at least until the day he will grow older and mature enough to make sense of it all.

There is not a better way to make such a young boy’s Christmas come true, not just by getting the gifts he had always wanted, but most importantly by granting him his wish to finally see Santa come in, even though he was dead asleep that night.




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