20 Of The Best Internet Clapbacks To Racists

When Rihanna released her “Flyliner” liquid eyeliner line one color name stood out above the rest, “Cuz I’m Black.” The title was a response to a racist comment she received on Twitter where someone asked her why her hair “looked so nappy” to which she elegantly countered with “cuz I’m black b*ch.”

Yes, racist trolls are everywhere on the internet, but RiRi isn’t the only one clapping back at these hateful people. All across Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram people are using their platforms to shut down ignorant comments with the pettiness they deserve. Scroll down below to see some of the most hilarious comebacks to bigots on the internet and don’t forget to upvote your favs!

#1 Overheard At A Grocery Store

#2 I Know What You Mean

#3 Burn

#4 Irish Pagan Society Is Out For Blood

#5 First Class Clapback

#6 This Is Insanity

#7 My Mom Wants To Thank You

#8 Ok John Smith

#9 Some Time Ago A White Woman Tried To Call The Police On Some Black People Barbecuing. This Was The Scene In That Same Spot Two Weeks Later

#10 More Like Grasping At Straws

#11 Which One Disrespected America More?

#12 Providing Answers

#13 Attempted Troll Backfires

#14 Not One Thing In The First Tweet Was Accurate…

#15 Hey From The Sh**hole

#16 Japanese Tea Party

#17 Mystique For Real

#18 Stealing Jobs

#19 Relax, Gringo…

#20 All About Money



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