IKEA Reminds the World of Humanitarian Crises with Syrian Home Creation in its Showroom

In recent days IKEA signed a partnership with Red Cross for the transformation of one of their pop-up spaces and replaced it with a picture depicting a Syrian home. IKEA is a very modern outfit with showrooms. Their showrooms offer modern and stylish furniture’s, which are arranged impeccably and also offer some original version of fantasy. Just take a look at their flagship store located in Slependen, Norway, and you will get a better idea of how their showrooms look. They have got this bright and welcoming display at their store, but this display had been replaced with the Syrian Home replica after the Red Cross Partnership.



The picture showed an honest depiction of what a home looks like outside Damascus, which is the capital of Syria. The showroom is now titled 25 m2 of Syria. A woman named Rana lives in the home built with cinder block with nine members of her family. The room also contained some scattered furnishing. The room depicts a dark atmosphere, to say the least, and its residents lack virtually all the necessities of life, like clean water, medicine, and food. The picture is an exact image of the humanitarian crises going on in Syria.



POL, an advertising agency was responsible for creating the installation. They used this to promote the annual fundraiser that holds annually in Norway, called TV-aksjonen. The fundraisers had pledged to spend this year’s donations to provide aid to those residing in war and conflict zones across the globe.



While the donation may not be able to meet the needs of everyone across the globe residing in conflict zones, it should still meet the needs of several of these people and put smiles on their faces. Restoring the smiles of as many people as possible in Syria and other such places will mean a great deal to the fundraisers and the aid recipients.





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