Kevin Fished Out Wife Trapped Under Icy Lake After Three Attempts

A traumatic event become the outcome of Kevin Wiseman’s constant plowing path as he normally goes about his plough tasks at the backwoods of Quebec. He works for local snowmobile club in the area, and he almost lost his wife to a bizarre occurrence. Thanks to Providence, the case would have been different.  He woke up that day feeling hale and hearty and feeling as lively as any other day, not knowing that he would be tested in the most bizzare manner before the end of that day. It was a good thing that things did not end up going south for him and his wife, Audrey Bernt.

On that fateful day, Kevin and his wife Audrey, who was a 40 year old woman, were riding through the Canadian wilderness in their snowcart. Then at one point in the short journey, they found themselves on a piece of wide space that looks more like an empty field.  Little did the duo know that they were actually riding on the frozen waters of the McMullin Lake.  The lake is located close to Val-des-Monts.   By the time they realize what was going on, it was just too late for them to make a u-turn and return to safety.

When they got to know they were riding on a frozen lake, they tried to turn the cart back to where they were coming from. However, the poor snowcart broke through the ice and sank into the lake. By the time the cart hit the bottom of the lake, it was in 12 feet cold water. It was a question of time before water filled the entire cab.

Kelvin made attempt to punch through the windshield, but his effort did not pay off. He then decided to head butt the windshield glass to escape into the icy water of the lake. When he surfaced and found out his wife was still trapped under, he went back in three different times to fish her drenched body out and saved her from drowning.




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