Surprising Response from a Parking “Offender”

When you see a piece of paper tucked under your windshield, the fight or flight reaction in you will surely prevail and the next thing you would want to do is to take to flight if possible. The problem however is that there is no running for you, but to accept your fate. Things even get worse if you are living on a budget and would not be able to afford any extra expenses, be it in form of parking ticket or something else. You would wish the ground should open for you to take solace in its comforting crevices. What if you draw closer to the piece of paper, pick it up and was greeted by something far from a parking ticket? Won’t you be shaken and relieved at the same time?


The above considerably described the series of thoughts and reactions that prevailed in the mind of a woman she emerged from the building and drew closer to where she had parked her car only to see a piece of paper hanging rather precariously under her windshield. She was initially taken aback of course, wondering if she had parked wrongly. She drew closer to the car and the piece of paper and with almost trembling hands she picked it up. She was relieved to realise that it was just a note and the note had been written by the rightful owner of the parking space she was occupying.


The stranger had written that he had to park elsewhere because the woman occupied his parking space and he had been booked for his wrong choice of parking space an amount he couldn’t afford. Swiftly, the woman composed an apology letter and slotted a $100 bill in it and hung it in the man’s windshield, to the surprise and amazement of the man.





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