Beautiful Wildlife Sanctuary Up for Grabs to Any Qualified Candidate

Harry Kunz had been managing his thriving wildlife oasis for up to 30 years now. Name of the wildlife sanctuary is Eagles Nest Wildlife Sanctuary, and he had confessed how much he loves the job. The shelter is located on a 2-hecter property, and it contains a house for the sanctuary keeper. Its location on the Atherton Tablelands makes it an incredible sight to behold.

Atherton Tablelands on a misty winter's morning in Queensland, Australia

The sanctuary is a mix of both savanna and rainforest, and it is located at the Australian northern region, not far from Queensland. Kunz is on the lookout for any individual that can take good care of the wildlife sanctuary and the animals in it. However, the qualified individual must be an animal-loving person. He or she must be compassionate and kind to the animals in the sanctuary. The qualified individual must promise to keep the sanctuary open always, and must be ready to attend to the needs of all the animals living there. Presently, there are about 1,200 animals living in the Eagles Nest Wildlife Sanctuary.


Since Kunz had made the announcement, several individuals have applied to take up the job. However, Kunz does not seem to be impressed by the qualifications presented by these people. While some applicants thought they were qualified to take up the job because they had a cat or a dog as a pet, others were just interested in the house and nothing more. Some even proposed to Kunz to turn the property into a zoo.


Kunz told The Guardian, “I want this continuing as a wildlife hospital because that’s what I’ve tried to do for almost 30 years now. I don’t want to lose what I created and built up, every shred, with all the money.”


Kunz arrived in Sydney in the early part of the ’80s. He saw veterinarians euthanizing native birds that reported with minor and treatable injuries. This was when he decided to start his mission, which is to care for any bird of prey. He later expanded his mission and started caring for virtually all species of bird.





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