Fremont Police Department Saved Christmas For These 4 Kids

Best way to celebrate Christmas is to show love and put smiles on the faces of others. This was the exact thing some police officers did: they put smiles on the faces of, not just one, but four kids. They found these kids in need of help and they were on hand to offer the most needed help. Earlier, a burglar broke into their family house and went straight to where the Christmas tree was; the burglar took all the Christmas gifts under the tree, leaving not the tiniest item. Police officers from Fremont, California visited the crime scene and they beheld very unhappy kids. The kids were looking forlorn and saddened with the hope of a beautiful Christmas celebration gone with the wind. The police officers made up their minds to do something about it and to make sure the kids had a jolly Christmas celebration.




One of the police officers, L. Kennedy went shopping on Christmas eve just before the midnight shift and she bought a number of Christmas gifts, which the police department planned to donate to the affected family. She brought the unwrapped gifts to the shift briefing, where everyone in attendance joined hands to wrap the purchased Christmas gifts. The police then loaded the gifts into their patrol sleigh and drove to the family’s house to deliver the gifts. The family was surprised beyond expression as they were never expecting any gesture of this nature from the police or anyone for that matter.




Of course it is somewhat difficult, or near impossible, for the gifts presented to the family by then police to be an exact replacement of the ones stolen by the burglar, it is better than the kids having to celebrate Christmas without the accompanying gifts, probably for the very first time in their innocent lives.




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