Mobile Farm Simplifies Farming for Urban Dwellers

Gone are the days when you do not know how food is grown or cultivated just because you reside in an urban area. These days, you too can participate in farming even if you are residing in at city center. Yes, you can always go for the CropBox made by Williamson Greenhouses.  This is a very special products that is 320-square-foot space set in a shipping container. It is installed with hydroponic greenhouse and can serve you as a farm in your home set in an urban location. Within this special container, you will be able to grow your own food right in the middle of the city.


There are stacked rows of plants in the pop-up container and it is just the best space you need right in the middle of the city for farming. It will give you access to a full acre of herbs, greens and lettuce. There are three types of the CropBox.

  1. Lettuce, greens and herbs CropBox: This one can be used to cultivate at least 150 varieties and can yield up to 12,000 pounds annually.
  2. Strawberry CropBox: This one is capable of growing at least strawberries of 7,000 pounds each year.
  3. The fodder and microgreens CropBox: It can be used to cultivate 84 tons of microgreens and 140 tons of fodder annually.


The beautiful thing about this system is its mobility. It can be moved from one place to the other. If you are changing location for example, it will be easy to move your farm along with you wherever you go.  Each container can produce at least 3,000 plants. Losses associated with pest infestation, or weather damage is completely eradicated in the CropBox.  Field-grown agriculture requires so much water, but the cultivation made on the CropBox requires much less water due to the Hydroponic system installed in it.





Photos: Williamson Greenhouses / Facebook




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