Scientific Study: Forgetful People May Be Highly Intelligent

A scientific research has revealed yet again how people who keep forgetting the smaller things in life are actually the smarter ones in their peer group.

There is a simple correlation between the number of tasks your brain can handle and intelligence; the things is that people who keep forgetting trinkets and the smaller day-to-day things, do so because their brain keeps concentrating on the more profound and more important tasks at hand, for example, their ambitions and their creativity.

Study published in the Neuron has found out that this fact is real. People who are absent minded in real life in real life, are actually more intelligent and that is because their brains are multi-tasking at that very moment, compartmentalising jobs it has to do in a series sorted according to importance.

The study was proved by corollary: Paul Frankland and Blake Richards of the University of Toronto found out that people who try to remember every little nit-picking detail of their lives, more often than not have difficulty making decisions, especially important ones.

This proves that people who actually make better decisions, make less of them and more important of them. And not to mention, they forget quite a few things in the process.

And this is not something that is rare at all; both Mark Zuckerberg and Nuseir Yasein (NAS Daily fame) reduce choices like what to wear every day, by simply wearing the same thing every day. Both of them have their signature tees which they wear every day.

When you give your brain less things to worry about, it can concentrate on the things that actually matter. When given too many things to worry about, it makes your brain literally jam-packed with things to worry about; what you must remember, if life were like a movie, and it is at that, there are moments that actually matter while there are filler moments galore.

These fillers are things like what to order at a restaurant, what to wear, what plans to make, etc., the things that often add up to things that are of no consequence.

The study that we are talking about not only took men and women into account, but also accounted for animal memories too.

To quote one of the scientists on the study: Instead of storing this irrelevant information that our brain can store for us, our brains are freed up to store the memories that actually do matter to us […] when we have fewer decisions to make.

When things went ideally, the scientists found correlations with the brain activity and a very able super computer. Our brains know how to overwrite unnecessary, obsolete information over with newer experiences, thereby updating its database of information over and over again.

Actually, for rookies, it would be beneficial to compare our brains to smartphones. Whenever cache memory accumulates in our phones, upgrades have issues while installing.

Whenever they are cleared, it is a green flag again.

Think of our brain in the same way. Leave the smaller things be and you will see the difference.

Source: Indy100

Image Credit: Ion Chiosea



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