If You Ever Have Never Owned a Smartwatch Before, This Watch is for You…


  • Stylish and Fully Water Resistant – eWatch has an minimal ultra thin design and it is resistant to everything, water and the most extreme conditions.


  • Long Battery Life – The built-in high capacity rechargable lithium battery can last up to 3 days.


  • Monitors Your Vital Signs Accurately – Forget about low blood pressure, don’t live worrying about it, monitor your blood pressure at all times. Also measures your Heart Rate and steps accurately.


  • Monitors Your Sleep– Refresh your sleep patterns and build good sleeping habits. eWatch looks after your sleep quality and provide you information on how well you are sleeping.


  • Social Networks and Notifications – You can have all your social network notifications on your wrist, plus you can remotely control your mobile phone’s camera.


  • ECG technology monitor – It only takes a minute to take a accurate electrocardiogram and sync results with the eWatch smartphone APP.

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What is it?

The combination of the new age stressful lifestyle and the rise of physical inactivity due to the use of smartphones is the main cause why people are becoming more and more conscious of their overall well-being. Did you know that insufficient physical activity is actually one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide as for 2019? Although being constantly aware of your own body and health might seem difficult, it’s not an excuse not to look after yourself. This revolutionary device is here to change your whole wellness routine!

eWatch is a new, cutting-edge smartwatch specifically designed to track your daily routine while looking stylish and elegant on your wrist. And yes, it’s for all ages. It’s very easy to use. eWatch is not simply a smartwatch that will track your steps and estimate the calories burned in your exercises, it goes far beyond that, being able to monitor levels such as heart rate, electrocardiogram monitoring and sleep monitoring. Designed to match the latest tendencies of the market, eWatch despite featuring a wide variety of functions and looking radiant on your wrist, is available at a fraction of the cost which makes it affordable to anyone!