Cafe Makes You Workout as Payment for Your Lunch

If you have been lazy about going for workout or exercise, maybe the idea of getting free lunch after your workout will encourage you to start taking exercise seriously.  There is a café in town that now gives free lunch for the cost of some sweat. Yes, no need to pay for your lunch with money or credit or debit card; at this café, you will pay for your lunch with your sweat.

The café is named Run for your Bun organized by David Lloyd Clubs in partnership with British Heart Foundation.  The two partnered to asset up an initiative in Convent Garden, London, where participants can pay for their lunch with their sweat; this means participants will only have to engage in monitored exercises to get themselves lunches.  This is the very first time this kind of thing will be organized anywhere in the world. The event took place for 3 days, on January 11 – 13, 2017, but we are hoping with such great success it will continue to pop up or even become a real cafe.

The exercise is in form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and it lasts for just 6 minutes.  This 6 minutes workout is composed of series of exercises, like jogging on treadmill, bodyweight lunges, bodyweight squats, cycling on the spine bike, sit-ups and rowing.  Each of the exercises is to be performed for 1 minute with 30 seconds rest in between.

This is how it plays out: the participant enters the café and orders his/her meal. The type of lunch ordered determines the types of exercise the individual will undertake. The lunch ordered will be assed and the right set of exercises for that lunch type will be allotted. During the exercise, the participant is monitored by a Personal Trainer, who will also clear the individual to have satisfied the requirements for the meal.  After completing the exercises, the participant is then served his meal.

The program is focused on executives and official workers, 90% of whom spend their time sitting at a desk.  “The important thing is that you get up, and don’t sit still for six hours, because it genuinely is quite bad for you. Just get up”, said Glenn Earlam, CEO of David Lloyd Leisure while speaking with IBTimes UK.




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