Furkids Animal Shelter Makes Huge Impact with Low-Budget Commercial

They never expected it to get so popular, but the commercial seems to have a mind of its own as it shot the animal shelter to the limelight far beyond the expectations of the composers. The plan was to make a little low-budget commercial, but it becomes a huge success and it went viral before they could say the J in Jack Robinson.

Name of the animal shelter is Furkids Animal Shelter and name of the commercial was Kitty Kommercial. They only spent very little on it, but the end result proved that there is no need for huge capital to sell off an idea and catch attention of the world with your message.  This is exactly what the Kitty Kommercial had been able to bring the way of Furkids Animal Shelter.  In short, the advert was a masterpiece, as it recorded success beyond the expectation of the Animal Shelter.

Furkids Animal Shelter is a rescue organization. They have their headquarters located in Atlanta Georgia. The personality featured in this low-budget, but highly successful, advert was none other than Paul Preston, a native of Atlanta. The video was highly improvised and the whole composition did not take more than 30 minutes to complete.

You may want to take sometimes to watch the video and have an idea of how low budget can make huge impact. It is not about how much you spend on the commercials, but how much idea forms the background and how expertly you can get the message across to the audience. This is to prove that the audience loves good quality and not just quantity.

Thanks to this simple but special video, Furkids Animal Shelter had been in the news lately and they have gathered attention from across the globe more than they ever bargained for.  In conclusions, it is a video commercial with a difference.




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