One Woman’s Battle Against Food Waste in Denmark 

Food wastage was one of the problems being faced in Denmark as its residents are in the habit of throwing loads of unfinished foods in waste baskets and such places. This trend continued until Selina Juul came into the picture and decided to dedicate her life to fighting against food wastage. Since her fight began in 2008, one can say she has accomplished some commendable feats.

Since she started her battle against food wastage till date, the rate of food wastage in Denmark has reduced by an impressive 25%. Due to her commitment to the war against food wastage, Selina Juul seems to have no other life aside fight against food wastage. She sacrifices her life and even her weekends to press on in her war against wastage.

Selina Juul came to Denmark from Russia, a country where food shortage was rife, and she was taken back when she saw so much food in Denmark but was also disturbed when she saw the rate at which people were wasting food, and she decided to do something about it.

At the start of her war against food wastage in Denmark in 2008, Selina Juul stated a Facebook page titled “Stop Wasting Food.” Soon after, she became a national figure, with many individuals listening to her and responding to her promptings to put an end to food wastage across Denmark.

In her words:  “I come from a country where there were food shortages, back then in Moscow, communism collapsed, we were not sure we could get food on the table. And coming to Denmark, seeing this abundance, seeing these supermarkets filled with food. But then, then I was really shocked to see a lot of food getting wasted”

Many have ascribed her success to her incomparable passion as an individual, who could take this tremendous and outstanding step without government backing to put an end to food wastage in Denmark.

Her effort affected the way supermarkets operate in Denmark. One of the supermarkets that felt the transformation is REMA 1000, which has up to 283 stores in Denmark. One of the changes effected by the supermarket was to scrap multi-buy offers in respect to Selina Juul’s campaign. Many of the supermarkets started giving discount on single items purchase.



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