All Trains in Netherlands Now Run on 100% Wind Power

Train transportation has gone through phases since the first locomotive engine was invented several hundreds of years ago.  In times past, and as it obtains in many parts of the world today, many still think electric train is the next best innovation. However, the Netherlands have taken things to the next level. These days, all the trains operating in the Netherlands now operate on wind energy.  This is in an attempt to create clean energy that can be sustained for a very long time to come.  As a result of this, emission is reduced and green house effects further curtailed.  It also makes train transport far safer than cars since cars still produce emission that can negatively impact the environment.  Wind energy is a very clean and renewable source of energy.

The largest of the railway companies operating in the Netherlands is called NS the company teamed up with Eneco, an energy company also in the Netherlands.  The partnership was struck in 2015 and the purpose was to reduce train emission drastically. They plan to have reduced the emission by 100% come 2018 by implementing renewable source of energy in trains.  By 2016, the project had reached 75% completion. As at today anyway, they have hit the 100% target, which means they were able to complete the project one whole year ahead of schedule.

The NS offers train transport services that serve up to 600,000 people each waking day. The trains in their services require up to 1.2 billion kWh of electricity each year.  This is the same amount of electricity needed by virtually all the households in Amsterdam, the Dutch capital. This completed project is undoubtedly a major step towards reducing carbon footprint in the transport sector of the country. On annual basis, up to 7.4 billion kWh of renewable energy is generated in the Netherlands each year.




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