Woman Invents Foldable Paper Bicycle and Gets Awarded

New things are coming up and people do not have to do things using the old methods anymore. These days, bikers can actually get a helmet that can be folded. Yes, maybe the idea of a foldable helmet had not seemed possible up till now; people can shelve that thought of impossibility and lay their hands on a helmet they can fold in a bag.

Isis Schiffer is the inventor and her invention has brought some convenience into helmet usage. Never again will bikers have to carry a bulky and cumbersome helmet around the place; they can now food their helmets inside their bags and go about their businesses. There is nothing as easy and effective as this.

Many bikers would love to use helmet all the time, but the cumbersome state of helmets make such almost impossible since they feel encumbered to carry their helmets about the place. However, Isis’s invention has brought an end to all that. With her foldable helmet, bikers can now have some peace of mind and bear their helmets about the place without any problem whatsoever.  They only need to fold it up and stuff it in a small bag that they can easily carry around wherever they go. Whenever they need the helmet, they only need to fish it out of their bags or pockets and don it.

Aside from being easy to carry about, the helmet is also very easy to recycle. In actual fact, it was made using paper! This may sound rather impossible to expect complete safety and protection from a paper-helmet. However, a trial with the helmet will convince a doubter of its reliability, strength and durability.

Isis Schiffer graduated from the Pratt Institute of Design in New York City. Her paper EcoHelmet has already been given the 2016 Jams Dyson Award. EcoHelmet solves an obvious problem in an incredibly elegant way. But its simplicity belies an impressive amount of research and development” said James Dyson, the British inventor.  End users should expect it on the market once it has been approved for safety.




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