100% Electricity for a Country from Renewable Source: How Feasible? 

Scotland has plans to generate up to 100% of its total electricity need using renewable source of energy.  They hope to accomplish this by year 2020.  If the truth must be told, this looks more like a mission impossible, since no country had been able to achieve this feat before now.  Be that as it may, no one is putting the possibility beyond Scotland, since the country is not an ordinary country for any reason.


Scotland has rather warm and windy weather condition.  The country has therefore decided to use these natural elements to its advantage in generating energy.  As at present, Scotland can boast of up to 25% of all Europe’s offshore wind resources.  This was able to generate up to 62% of the country’s renewable energy just in 2014 alone.  The tremendous tidal and wave energy resources in Scotland can be used to generate far more electricity than the country is in need of.

As at present, European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) is the company leading others in tidal energy research. The said company I located in Scotland.  This company has up to 10 years of real-sea experience. The amount of grid-connected marine energy converters that had been deployed at the company is far above what had been deployed at any other site across the globe.  This center has been labeled as the only accredited marine energy laboratory in the world.

For this first time since renewable energy effort had started in the country, Scotland was able to generate all its energy needs from renewable energy source for one whole day in august of this year. This renewable energy source was from wind turbine only.  This turbine was able to contribute to the National Grid 39,545 megawatt-hours (MWh). It provided the complete energy needs of the industries, businesses and homes, which totaled to 37,202 MWh). This simply indicated that 106% of electricity needs of Scotland were generated from wind power only.




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