Greater Manchester to Plant Trees for Each Resident 

The Greater Manchester area of England is already on its way to making records. The city has kicked off what it terms “City of Trees”, which is a project that targets planting more than 3 million trees in different areas across the city.  The idea is to plant a tree per resident of the city. Every man, woman and child will be considered in this project and at the end of the day, the city will have 3 million trees scattered all across its surface.  The authorities of the city plan to extend this project over the next 25 years.  This means by the end of the 25-year project, the entire city would have been transformed to a fertile bed for nature to thrive.

As at today, up to 95,000 trees have already been planted across the city and many more are being planted each day. The project is not just for fun; it is achieving a purpose. For one, it will reconnect the young kids to what nature is all about. Many of them that had grown up in bustling and cities will have an opportunity to see how nature really is and they will also enjoy the many benefits of nature.  Certain researches have shown that exposing a primary school-age child to nature has a way of boosting the child’s mental capacity.

While speaking with the BBC, Tony Hothersall, the City of Trees director, stated that “In terms of health…woodlands can do great things in terms of air pollution reduction…and can help to screen for noise pollution”

Also, the project will create a far healthier city and will help tackle climate change. Wildlife too will have boisterous habitat to thrive in. Yet another benefit is the employment opportunity this project is offering to the members of the community.  Up to $550 million have been budgeted for the project and up to 69,000 people will be employed. This is an avenue to create employment and better the lot of the people. In conclusion, this project is set to benefit virtually everybody in every way imaginable.

You can read more about the City of Tree’s project or donate to the cause by visiting the organization’s website.




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