High Heels Made Of Human Skin Are Now A Thing And They Cost $10,000

Many people love having plenty of shoes in the closet and there is no doubt that a great pair of shoes can make you feel good about yourself. As it turns out, there may even be something cooler than shoes. I’m talking about something unusual, human skin that extends from the leg down to the toe.

Have you ever wanted to wear something unusual in public, just to give people a good scare?

If that thought appeals to you, we have something that is positively terrifying and it will certainly turn heads.

The hottest thing in style today is the ‘Skin Heel’, which is out of Montréal. It is the brainchild of Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, who are known as Fecal Matter.

You can find the brand name on Instagram and they have a number of disturbing pictures and videos of this shoe.


Before the shoe became a reality, Photoshop was used to create it. That concept was even featured on Vogue but now, it is a reality. The shoe extends from the thigh and is made out of silicone. It includes lifelike toes, faux moles, uneven skin color and lifelike hairs!

“Everyone was like, ‘Is it Photoshopped? Is it not Photoshopped?’ We wanted to put it out in real life,” Bhaskaran shared. The heels were created by artist Sarah Sitkin to replicate Dalton’s leg.

Only one pair has been created so far but they do plan on making more. Each pair will sell for $10,000.

These shoes are so realistic that it is hard to imagine how much work goes into each pair.

Is $10,000 a little high for your budget? They do plan on possibly making a more affordable pair, perhaps pumps.

Some people consider the shoe rather upsetting but that only tends to complement the duo. Their mission is to ‘provoke society’ with their work. They are well known for their bizarre fashions and their models, which look like aliens.

Insider had the following to say: “The shoes are a physical incarnation of what Fecal Matter believes humans might look like as a result of social media ideals and body modification.”

There is also a lot of darkness in the comments they post on Instagram. It includes: Beauty is pain,” “F**k you Fascism,” “sickening,” “Bulletproof,” “Don’t conform,” and “Create your own gender” among others.

You can learn more in this video:



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