Kenya Begins War Against Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution can turn the table against humanity if care is not taken. This is one of the reasons why Kenya has joined the fail to curtail plastic pollution. The government of Kenya has taken the step to ban all kinds of plastic bags to reduce the rate of plastic pollution. The information was made known to the general public by Judi Wakhungu, who is the Environment Cabinet Secretary. The Kenyan government through this Ministry has placed a ban on the importation and manufacturing of all kinds of plastic bags for household and commercial packaging.

The United Nations started the Clean Seas Initiative sometimes ago, and Kenyan is using this opportunity to identify with the UN. Up to 10 governments across the world have already shown interest in the program.

One other country that has shown interest in the program is Indonesia. They have made a vow to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated in the country by up to 70% in the next eight years. Some of the other countries involved in this initiative are Morocco and Rwanda in Africa.  Within the next few months, many more countries are expected to participate in the program.

The head of the UN Environment, Erik Solheim, has expressed appreciation to the Kenyan government for their proactive action against plastic pollution. He stated that Kenya should be given commendation for taking the lead among several other African countries to reduce plastic pollution. He stated further that he hoped the decision taken by Kenya would act as motivation for other countries across the globe. In his words: “It’s a great example that I hope will inspire others, and help drive further commitment to the Clean Seas campaign.”

The decision taken against plastic pollution by the Kenyan government will further improve on the natural beauty of the country. The fragile ecosystem being further affected by plastic pollution can now be made stronger if more governments across the globe also participate in the program.




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