Morocco to Build World Largest Solar Power Plant

Gone are the days when human race was short of choices when it comes to power generation. These days, options abound. One of such power generation option is solar. A Moroccan city will soon be one of the many beneficiaries of this innovation. Next month, a giant solar plant built to power this Moroccan city will be opened for everyone residing here to benefit. The solar plant is built at Ouarzazate. The power plant will attract energy from the sun and use the energy to melt salt. The heat generated by the melting process will then supply power to a steam turbine during the evenings.


The first phase of the project will open next month and it will be able to provide power for the town for 3 hours after dark. At a later date, the last stage of the power plant will open and this will be able to provide up to 20 hours of power on daily basis.


This project is one of the many pledges of Morocco towards generating up to 42% of its power requirement from renewable sources by 2020. With this innovation, there are clear indications that Morocco may be able to achieve this aim.

The UN was compelled to commend morocco for taking this initiative and working towards its attainment. This is more so considering the fact that United Kingdom could only aim at 30%, while Morocco, a nation not as rich as United Kingdom, is aiming at 42%. The Ouarzazate solar thermal plant is being built by a Saudi Arabian company, ACWA Power. It promises to be the biggest in the world by the time it is finally completed.

The mirrors with which the heat from the sun will be captured will cover an area as big as Ramat, the Moroccan capital city. Paddy Padmanathan, representative of the Saudi company told newsmen that “whether you are an engineer or not, any passer-by is simply stunned by it”.

In February 2016 Morocco switched on the first section of its new Ouarzazate solar power plant.



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