Nick Cannon hints that he’ll finish Nipsey Hussle’s documentary

(L-R): Nick Cannon and Nipsey Hussle.

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Nick Cannon revealed Monday that he wants to step in and help finish Nipsey Hussle’s documentary on controversial herbalist Dr. Sebi.

Cannon took to Instagram to share a message honouring Hussle, who was fatally shot on Sunday outside Marathon Clothing, the store he founded to help rebuild his troubled South Los Angeles neighbourhood, police said. He was 33.

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“Where you left off, we gonna carry one! It’s a MARATHON, so I’m picking up the baton! Because they can’t kill us all!… Now, Your message is my message! Your work is my work! I know you still rocking with us and your voice will never be silenced because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Most High,” Cannon wrote.


Cannon posted a series of videos of Sebi and mentioned Hussle in each caption.

“Unfinished King Business! Pay Attention! Lets Go! #Fearless ✊🏾@NipseyHussle #drsebi@dietaryresolutions,” Cannon wrote in the caption for the first video.


“Can’t Kill Us ALL!!! #Fearless #Marathon#SpiritualWarfare ✊🏾,” he captioned the second video.


The third video was captioned: “We have to take RESPONSIBILITY for our OWN!! #Marathon #drsebi@dietaryresolutions @NipseyHussle🙏🏾.”


Sebi, whose real name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman, died in 2016 at 82 years old while in police custody after being accused of money laundering in Honduras.

Sebi was the subject of a documentary being created by Hussle. The documentary was set to shed light on Sebi’s infamous trial where he claimed that he had found the cure for AIDS.

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Hussle spoke about Sebi during an interview with the Breakfast Club in 2018.

“I’m working on doing a documentary on the trial in 1985 when Dr. Sebi went to trial against New York because he put in the newspaper that he cured AIDS,” Hussle said at the time. “He beat the case and he went to federal court the next day and beat that case, on record, and nobody talks about it.”

In March 2018, Hussle was discussing the documentary in an interview with Tariq Nasheed. He joked about how his fans were telling him to “be careful.”

Nasheed said that Sebi “just died mysteriously down there.”

Hussle said: “You know what I mean? And so you know how they play! And now n**gas is tweeting me, ‘Hussle, be careful man! Your plane gon’ go down!’ I said, ‘N**gas better ride for me!’”

(WARNING: This video contains explicit language.)

s of this writing, Cannon hasn’t released any new details on the documentary.

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