Norway to Give Finland a Mountain for Her Birthday

If this idea ever sails through, then Norway will be giving one of the strangest birthday gifts anyone had ever given in the world. They would succeed in breaking record as the very first country in the world to give such a birthday gift. What birthday gift are we talking about here? There are plans and debates ongoing in Norway about giving Finland a mountain as birthday gift to the latter country. While some are in support of this unique idea, some other ones are not entirely in support and they have their good reasons for being on the sideline or for showing some opposition to the idea.

Why the birthday gift? By December, Finland will become 100 years old. This was what prompted the Norwegian geophysics, Bjorn Geirr Harsson, to approach his country’s authority and made a plea that his country should consider giving Finland a special birthday gift, which involves moving the borders of Norway by a 100 feet backward. If this idea is ever favored by the authority, then Norway will be automatically vacating the Haiti mountaintop for Finland to possess. This area is located at the North Toms area. It means Finland will end up having a new mountain to itself, and this new mountain will represent a new highest point for the country.

Some people thought this idea would be wonderful, while some are reluctant to agree with it. Those on the reluctant side are many of the politicians and they have very good reasons too. These politicians refer to the Article 1 of the kingdom of Norway, which stated that Norway is indivisible and inalienable. Many of the Norse people are in support of the idea anyway.  Those in support think Norway will send a strong message of friendship to Finland if the gifting sails through, and that it will help create a good friend across the border in the midst of increasing global tension.




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